Remove Rodents From Your Property

We provide rodent control services in Montclair, Ontario, CA and the surrounding area

Worried you might have a rodent problem? Then it's time to call on Rat Pact Extermination in Montclair & Ontario, CA for rodent control services. We'll flush out any rodents that have set up shop in your home or business.

Our team can get rid of:

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Gophers
  • Squirrels

Once these rodents have been removed, we'll sanitize and vacuum the area for you. We can even replace any insulation that they've destroyed.

Call us at 855-728-7228 to schedule a rodent control service.

Making sure rodents stay out

Our team uses top-notch modern equipment as part of our rodent prevention services. This lets us protect your whole property by securing possible entry points with traps we check each week. We even have a special X-ray machine that can detect gophers and their holes in your yard.

You can also have us inspect your property for rodents as part of our Rodent Protection Plan. Should we detect a rodent problem, your entire rodent control service will be covered.

Book a free rodent prevention inspection with us today.