Stop the Bed Bugs From Biting

Hire us for a bed bug treatment in the Montclair & Ontario, CA area

Bed bugs can be extremely difficult to remove by yourself. Instead, let the pros at Rat Pact Extermination handle things with our advanced bed bug treatments. We perform bed bug control services across Montclair & Ontario, CA.

Unlike our competitors, we let you choose from fumigation, heat or local treatment methods. We guarantee our fumigation and heat bed bug treatments will fully remove any bed bugs from your property. Plus, our heat treatments only take one day to complete, meaning you can return to a bug-free home the next day.

Get in touch with us when you need to rid your home of bed bugs.

Signs of an infestation

Not sure if you've got a bed bug problem? Some common indicators include:

  • Bites on your body when waking up
  • Stains on your bed
  • Odd odors coming from your sheets

Do any of these signs sound familiar? If so, schedule a bed bug control service with our team.